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Kryptan -S/t 10″ [splatter]


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10” vinyl single on grey with black splatter vinyl. Limited 300 copies

Kryptan is an atmospheric black metal band from Avesta, Sweden. Founded in early 2020, right at the beginning of the global pandemic, Kryptan took shape to embody the passion for Black Metal that songwriter and guitarist Mattias Kryptan Norrman harboured for decades. A familiar face in the scene, Mattias, who is most recognized for playing guitar in October Tide and previously bass in Katatonia, has long striven for his very own musical endeavor. Heavily inspired by the 90s era of Norwegian and Swedish Black Metal, life, and the crushing darkness of Swedish winters, Mattias created enthralling songs bursting with sinister energy and craftsmanship. Kryptan aim to take listeners back in time and celebrate a glorious musical legacy in a contemporary fashion. The band is completed by fellow October Tide member Alexander Högbom on vocals and Samuel Karlstrand of Wretched Fate on drums. These four songs was recorded over the course of 2020.

Track list:
1. A Giant Leap For Whoredom
2. Bedårande Barn
3. Blessed Be The Glue
4. Burn The Priest

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Debemur Morti Productions

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