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Kumikameli -S/t lp [original]


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Reduced price due to the cover having some small dings in corners

Very rare original Finnish 1988 press.

Kumikameli (The Rubber Camel) was founded back in 1986 during a night of heavy drinking. They gathered money themselves to pay for some studio time and recorded an album that they offered to different labels for publication. However all labels turned it down because they saw it as a bad investment. However the band did some over-the-top live performances with mandolin, banjo, accordion and keyboards that finally draw the attention of Kari Hynninen from Discophon / Kerberos who signed the band and released the self titled album in 1988. The debut album is mostly keyboard based strange music with humorous Finnish lyrics. The album didnt do well and the band were dropped but soon picked up by a new label who released the Nahkasuiden Paluu (The Return Of The Leather Skins) a year later.

Trackl ist:
1. Kumikameli
2. Kolkko 3-metrinen
3. Toteemin Juurella
4. Halki Erämaan
5. Kuminen Mies
6. Armoton Aavikko
7. Paperikapteeni
8. Veli Eesau
9. Kas Järjenvalo Sammui Juuri
10. Käärmeennostatuslaulu
11. Horjuva Holtiton Matkustaja
12. Isän Kädestä
13. Alussa Oli Vain Rytmi
14. Yövieras
15. Päivällä Kaikelle Naurettiin
16. Surkurupuli
17. Silmä Kovana
18. Pieni Kiinalainen Unilaulu

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KEL 674