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L.A. Guns -Vicious Circle cd


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L.A. Guns attempted a comeback in 1994 with Vicious Circle, the first album in three years from the Los Angeles metal band. Attempting to conform to the fashion of the ’90s, the band turns in a hard record, complete with grunge influences. To put it mildly, the results are a mixed bag. Some of the material here are really good and songs like Why Ain’t I Bleeding and Kiss Of Death are far better than any of the other power ballads they did. But at the same time the band clearly doesn’t want to embrace the new breed of hard rock — the riffs and production sounds forced, which makes the group sound older than they are.

Track list:
1. Face Down
2. No Crime
3. Long Time Dead
4. Killing Machine
5. Fade Away
6. Tarantula
7. Crystal Eyes
8. Nothing Better To Do
9. Chasing The Dragon
10. Kill That Girl
11. I’d Love To Change The World
12. Who’s In Control (Let ‘Em Roll)
13. I’m The One
14. Why Ain’t I Bleeding
15. Kiss Of Death

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