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Laaz Rockit -Left For Dead cd


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Swedish edition on Blistering records with 3 bonus tracks

The Best Laaz Rockit Ever Made – Chuck Billy of Testament

Laaz Rockit the thrash metal band was formed in Berkley, California in 1982. One of the founders of the Bay Area thrash metal genre. In 2008 they completed what they think is the perfect following to the sound they became known for. And choose the well thought out title, ‘Left For Dead’. With the help of co-producers Juan Urteaga and former guitar player and current MOD member Scott Sargent, who also made a guest appearance. The band feels that the flow and direction of this new release, follows right where ‘The Annihilation Principle’ left off, a natural progression, of where they felt Laaz Rockit, should pick back up. And they all feel that this is the most mature sounding and well thought out album that they have ever released.

Track listing:
1. Brain Wash
2. Delirium Void
3. Erased
4. My Euphoria
5. Ghost In The Mirror
6. Turmoil
7. Liar
8. Desolate Oasis
9. No Man
10. Outro
11. Leatherface-live Keep It True Festival in Germany
12. Prelude-live in Japan
13. Fire In The Hole-live Keep It True Festival in Germany

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