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Lacrimosa ‎–Angst lp


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2018 release on black vinyl with a new master from Tilo Wolff, printed innersleeve and lyric insert. Limited 1000 copies

Angst was the debut album of Lacrimosa. Back then the band didnt sound like they do today. In the beginning it was a solo project of Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi did had her first appearance in 1994 on the Schakal EP. The main characteristics of Lacrimosa is Tilo’s passionate and theatrical voice, his emotional lyrics and the dramatic compositions and all this are in a primary phase on this debut album. The album is also one of the most dark and depressing the band ever did. Church organs, minimalist textures, some synthetic beats. They make a very unnatural combination, but it really works because it emphasizes on the hopelessness and pro-suicidal mood, transporting you somewhere beyond the reality a man could take. Angst should be checked out for all Lacrimosa fans, but for people that love the band they are today then they should go back to see where it all began. Angst was only the beginning. Tilo Wolff would go on to bigger thanks when Anne Nurmi joined the band

Track list:
1. Seele In Not
2. Requiem
3. Lacrima Mosa
4. Der Ketzer
5. Der Letzte Hilfeschrei
6. Tränen Der Existenzlosigkeit

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