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Lacrimosa ‎–Inferno dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 1000 copies

With Inferno, Lacrimosa reches a new level in their music, adding more symphonic arrangements on their goth-metal music then on previouses albums and featuring a new member – Anne Nurmi who does female vocals and keyboards, and remains a constant and important member in Lacrimosa since . To me this is the best Lacrimosa album, with some of the best pieces i ever heard from a band from this genre, Kabinett Der Sinne and Schakal. This two tracks are absolutely mindblowing, stunning from capo al fine. Very heavy, lenghty, both are over 10 minutes each, creating an atmosphere hard to beat by many bands. Dark, emotional, symphonic, with metal elements, all is here, and on the highest level. So if you don’t have this Lacrimosa, try it you will not be dissappointed, for sure. Lacrimosa’s music is very strong, dark, doomy and for sure pleases both categories of listners, the metal ones, and the symphonic one at the same time. Great album.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Kabinett Der Sinne
3. Versiegelt Glanzumströmt
4. No Blind Eyes Can See
5. Schakal
6. Vermächtnis Der Sonne
7. Copycat
8. Der Kelch Des Lebens

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Northeast Steel Industry Records

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