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Lake Of Tears – Headstones


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Abandoning their doom and death metal affectations almost completely (and appropriately, for that matter), Lake of Tears take a more traditional metal approach on "Headstones." Released on Black Mark just a year after their debut for the label, this sophomore outing is a noticeable improvement upon Greater Art. The songwriting and recording is tighter, and in what would become a long-term trend for the group, the guttural chants of their prior release are refined, as more melodic vocals are used to create greater emphasis on repeating memorable choruses. This traditional, almost Metallica-like vocal delivery combined with more aggressive guitar work is an improvement for Lake of Tears. "Dreamdemons" is perhaps the best song on Headstones, but the material is pretty consistent throughout the recording. Far from being a must-have '90s metal offering, Headstones is a decent release from a group experiencing a much-needed musical evolution. Track listing: 1. A Foreign Road 2. Raven Land 3. Dreamdemons 4. Sweetwater 5. Life's But A Dream 6. Headstones 7. Twilight 8. Burn Fire Burn 9. The Path Of The Gods (Upon The Highest Mountain Part II)

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