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Lake Of Tears – Illwill [japan]


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Japan press with OBI-strip and 3 bonus tracks The Swedish pioneers of dark music, Lake Of Tears, are a constant magnitude in the scene since many years and its hard to imagine it without them. Their biggest advantage is an unprecedented originality that serves as the driving force for them to pursue new ideas and to self-actualize. One thing is for sure: each Lake Of Tears album will sound a little different than its predecessor, but will be in no way of inferior quality. The same applies to their eight record ‘Illwill’, which marks the bands return 4 years after their ‘Moons And Mushrooms’ album. Compared to that album youll instantly recognize the increased heaviness. From unusual edgy heavy metal riffing ‘The Hating’, ‘Midnight Madness’ to melancholic depressive songs (‘Illwill’, ‘Behind The Green Door’) and even psychedelic-tinged rock songs (‘House Of The Setting Sun’), ‘Illwill’ offers an incredibly wide range and displays in every second the unique identity of Lake Of Tears. ‘Illwill’ will delight, surprise and fascinate. Hopefully fans wont have to wait another four years for their next masterpiece. On the other hand, if a killer album like ‘Illwill’ is the result, no one would complain. Track listing: 1. Floating In Darkness 2. Illwill 3. The Hating 4. U.N.S.A.N.E. 5. House Of The Setting Sun 6. Behind The Green Door 7. Parasites 8. Out Of Control 9. Taste Of Hell 10. Midnight Madness 11. Last Purple Sky 12. Children Of The Grey 13. Planet Of The Penguins

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