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Lake Of Tears – Sorcerers


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Sweden's Lake Of Tears has gradually evolved over the past decade or so from a Melodic Death Metal act to a Symphonic Gothic Rock one. Their fifth masterpiece, The Neonai, is worthy of being compared to their best, Forever Autumn and A Crimson Cosmos. A single in paper sleeve was released from this album. The two single tracks are both lifted from the album making it a quite unnecessary piece to own unless youre a collector. As soon as you hear the voice, you know it's Lake Of Tears. Daniel Brennare will never win a Best Vocal Performance at the Grammys, but I doubt this band would have been better if it were someone other than him singing. He's not equipped with an awesome voice, but the vocal melodies he comes up with are just damn catchy! The music is still simplistic just like the lyrics. Sorcerers opens this single and it sounds like a hybrid of Comfortably Numb and Ground Control to Major Tom. It contains a flute-like synthesizer and feels rampant psychedelic. The track also take full advantage of guest vocalist Jennie Tebler. Nathalie And The Fireflies is built up like an 80's Pop/Rock song. Just like the rest of the album it grows on you and after a few times it feels like a better track than the chosen single track. Track listing: 1. Sorcerers 2. Nathalie And The Fireflies

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