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Lake – Vol I: Lake


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Lake's debut showed them in strong form doing what they do best: pop-oriented, rocking tunes. It would be a sound that would be their mainstay for their entire career. From the opening piece, "On the Run," the group established themselves in the same vein as bands like Supertramp. The mode of the disc was a bit lighter than some other groups of that ilk, though. They achieved some fame with this one based on the first single, "Time Bomb," still one of their best songs. This band really did the pop/rock-slightly-based-on-prog genre as well as any — and better than most. It's a shame they never achieved the level of fame that should have been theirs. Track listing: 1. On The Run 2. Sorry To Say 3. Time Bomb 4. Chasing Colours 5. Do I Love You 6. Key To The Rhyme 7. Jesus Came Down 8. Between The Lines

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