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The Lamp Of Thoth -Do Not Cross The Lamp lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 250 copies

Some of you might have heard about The Lamp Of Thoth already back in 2006. Miskatonic Walker was going on about this unbelievable fantastic new band and how their demo was the best thing he had heard in a decade or so. As usual he was right on the money. Of course in the last eleven years there has been hundreds of “occult doom metal bands” some great, most dreadful. Difference was The Lamp had the songs. Through two killer 10’s, a mini lp, a classic full length and a handful of singles, splits and demos the band proved again and again they had the songs. Now for the first time we have the original 2006 cdr demo pressed onto a glorious vinyl with two bonus tracks, “Lamentations Of My Fist” and “On The Hills Of The Beltane Fire”. Another thing worth noting is that the version of “Blood On Satans Claw” is a different take then the one that was released on the 06 demo. Time to see who still loves the Lamp.

Track list:
1. I Love The Lamp
2. The Lamp Of Thoth
3. Pagan Daze
4. Blood On Satans Claw
5. Lamentations Of My Fist
6. Wings Of Doom
7. Skull Fuel
8. On The Hill Of The Beltane Fires
9. Reh Outro

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Buried By Time And Dust Records

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DUST 049

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