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Lantern -Subterranean Effulgence lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Amongst the Incantations clones and Sunlight studio revival bands that populate current underground death metal scene, only very few bands reinvent or create an original formula. And Lanterns is definitely one of them. Slivering out of the Finland, Lanterns exhales an unmarked stench into the crypt of death metal. Reeking of old school sounds like Treblinka, Morbid and Hellhammer mixed with their own morbid visions of death, spawning a very unique cryptic sound. Multi-instrumentalist Cruciatus spews forth gloomy and thrashy riffs, battering drumming and heaving bass lines. While vocalist Necophilos sinister wails tie everything into murky aura. Lurching forward like shambling corpse fresh from the tomb, Revert the Living into Death begins your plunge into Subterranean Effulgence, with haunting melodies and dark leads. Drenched in gruesome howls and steamrolling riffs Slumbering Dying Dreams displays some raw old school thrash elements creeping through, with out loosing sight of the grisly atmosphere.. While the maniac occult cries of ‘Ritual’ at the end of Ritual Unearthing hammer the final nail into the lid of the coffin shut. Lanterns sound so familiar yet different, not falling into any of the current trends in death metal. Concocting their own morbid art, Lanterns is one step closer to claiming the thorny crown of death metal.

Track list:
1. Revert The Living Into Death
2. Slumbering Dying Dreams
3. Those Long Perished
4. Beyond The Effulgence
5. Ritual Unearthing

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Helvetin Levyt

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