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Las Brujas -La Reencarnacion cd


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Argentinas first Female Metal band from the glorious 80s. This release includes the only album the band ever released, Me Ilaman La Loca from 1989. This edition also features 3 unreleased demo and rehearsal tracks and two videos as bonus. Me Llaman La Loca was originally only released on vinyl and cassette and it has become a very sought after item nowadays. This is the first ever cd release of this album and it comes with an interesting booklet with band history and rare photos. If you like female metal like Acid, Taist of Iron, Bitch, Santa, Metal Lady etc. you will love Las Brujas.

Track listing:
1. Delirio De Persecucion
2. El Habitante Solitario
3. Fusilame En Camara Lenta
4. Johnny Be Good
5. Me Llaman La Loca
6. Las Brujas Existen
7. Los Fusilados Muertos No Estan
8. No Va Mas
9. Tu Musica Elegida
10. Las Brujas En Rockodromo
11. La Loca Dos
12. Las Brujas En San Nicolas
13. Soy Facil
14. La Reencarnacion
15. Las Brujas En Vivo

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Blood And Iron / Metal Soldiers Records

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IRON 020 / MSR 023