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Lasse Wellander ‎–Från Rickfors Till Peterson-Berger cd


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Lasse Wellander, is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter and music producer. He started his professional career as a 16-year-old in Peps & Blues Quality and has since been working with a long line of Sweden’s most popular artists, both in studio and in different live and TV contexts. He participated, for example on most of ABBA’s recordings as well as on all major tours around the world. Aside from making records with many of the bigger names in the Swedish music scene (like Björn Skifs, Ulf Lundell, Magnus Uggla, Tommy Körberg, Jerry Williams, Lill-Babs, Totta Näslund and so on) he has found the time to release a number of solo albums, mainly instrumental. His 1992 solo album “Från Rickfors Till Peterson-Berger” features an instrumental version of “Anthem” from Chess who actually made it into the Swedish charts, which is quite unusually for instrumental numbers. Lasse Wellander are backed up by Per Lindvall, Mats Ronander, Rutger Gunnarsson, Peter Ljung, Håkan Landgren, Bengt Rosengren, Lilling Palmeklint, Malin Bäckstrmö and Kjell Segebrant on this album.

Track list:
1. Anthem
2. Boeves Psalm
3. Barkbrödslåten
4. Tröstevisa
5. Ta Mig Till Havet
6. Fiendens Fiende
7. Vingar
8. Stormskärsmaja
9. Intåg I Sommarhagen
10. En Vintersaga
11. Utskärgård
12. Trubbel

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