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Last Warning -From The Floor Of The Well cd


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The Italian progressive metal band Last Warning was born in 1987; since then it has been collecting a large live experience in the north of Italy, performing also as opening band for Carcass, Doctor and The Medics, Uriah Heep and Extrema. At the end of 1992 the band recorded their first self produced demo-tape. The demo was praised by the critics both in Italy and abroad and was reprinted in more than 800 copies; thanks to it and to the song “Faith And Misery” the band had the opportunity to participate in a CD compilation of the most important Italian progressive metal bands, produced by the label Underground Symphony. In 1994 the band signed a contract with the German label W.M.M.S. and the same year the album “From The Floor Of The Well” was recorded at the Roxanne Studio in Stuttgart. Positively presented by the national and international critics, it was also reviewed by several specialized magazines in Japan, Usa, Cuba, Brasil, Germany, France, Portugal and Greece.

Track listing:
1. From The Floor Of The Well
2. Without Power
3. Mistery
4. On The Wire
5. Scream To The Mirrior
6. Killing Dust
7. Rain On The Flame
8. Faith And Mistery

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