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Leach -Hymns For The Hollow lp


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Leach was founded in Borås, Sweden back in 2003. Their second album Hymns For The Hollow was released in May of 2018, and its an album that balance between thrash metal and metalcore. So it will be hitting your ears quite hard. Thematically, this album leans heavily on concepts of existentialism and how nothing ultimately matters. This manifests in critiques of the world around us and our perception of time in comparison to the grand scheme of things. The lyrics of this record are comparable to watching grains of sand through an hour glass marked death. It’s not all doom and gloom though – there are moments of light painted on the dark in the form of motivation. In this regard, the other high point is that the album may very well make you feel something regardless of negative or positive connotation. For the most part, the vocal delivery itself is very consistent. Its mostly thrash metal and metalcore yells but also some growls and the whole album is just so pumped of energy. Despite testing how malleable some styles can be, it proves to be very consistent and fun through a high octane approach to metal / hardcore. Worth checking out for thrash and metalcore fans

Track list:
1. The Untouchables
2. Free from All
3. New Low
4. Chapter Two
5. We Have It All
6. Pragmatic Youth
7. Framgångssagan
8. End Of An Era
9. The Prey
10. Do It
11. Hymns For The Hollow

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