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Leaves Eyes ‎–Sign Of The Dragonhead lp [blue]


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Sweden exclusive edition on blue vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 125 copies

Alot has happened since King Of Kings was released. During these three years they have changed vocalists, embraced new tours, and generally grew to new heights – but it has certainly not been easy. This is a huge part of what makes it so refreshing to get to finally hear Sign Of The Dragonhead and realize that despite everything that may have happened these guys are still the same awesome band who blew so many of us away. New vocalist Elina Siirala does a good job to fill Liv Kristines shoes and the song writing is top notch. If you think Leaves’ Eyes are just another symphonic metal band then think again. This is a band full of visionaries, who push well past the initial promise of Nightwish and other bands from the first generation of symphonic metal. So buy this one and fall in love

Track list:
1. Sign Of The Dragonhead
2. Across The Sea
3. Like A Mountain
4. Jomsborg
5. Völva
6. Riders On The Wind
7. Fairer Than The Sun
8. Shadows In The Night
9. Rulers Of Wind And Waves
10. Fires In The North
11. Waves Of Euphoria

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AFM 611-12

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