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Leaves Eyes –Lovelorn lp [gold]


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Gold vinyl in a multi folded gimmick pack. Limited to 111 numbered copies

Nature, romance and love encase the most stunning voice found within the modern rock scene: Welcome to the fantastic world of Leaves Eyes! Lovelorn, the debut release by former Theatre of Tragedy vocalist Liv Kristine and musicians of Atrocity, captivates with wonderful harmonies, epic atmospheres and varied arrangements that embark the listener on a journey through the soundscapes of rock. Lovelorn is an impressive debut offering. It’s no surprise their sound resembles that of early Theatre Of Tragedy but fear not as there are enough subtle differences between the two that you shouldn’t have any trouble distinguishing one band from the other. Their melodies provide atmospheric soundscapes with melodic drum beats and guitar riffs that are at times ferocious but mostly mellow, and Liv Kristine’s angelic singing accents the rhythms beautifully. When she opens her mouth to grace us with her heavenly voice it brings to mind a maiden of the sea, captivating us with her seductive siren songs which best describes the feel of this album as many of the lyrics include ocean-related themes. For the most part I really think Krull’s death growls are unnecessary but at least they are used for minimal effectiveness.

Track listing:
1. Norwegian Lovesong
2. Tale Of The Sea Maid
3. Ocean’s Way
4. Lovelorn
5. The Dream
6. Secret
7. For Amelie
8. Temptation
9. Into Your Light
10. Return To Life

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