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Led Zeppelin –Taking Toronto By Strategy cd


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Recorded at the Maple Leaf Garden in Toronto on the 4th of September 1971. The review from that night read; The small sleek jet zooming Led Zeppelin into Toronto for a one-nighter was almost two hours late. When the jet finally touched down on Canadian soil, after a 55-minute flight from New York, there was less an hour to hustle through customs, climb into two chauffeured limousines and whisk through 15 miles of congested traffic before arriving at the backstage doors at the huge Maple Leaf Gardens. The private jet waited on the tarmac in Toronto while the group swept superbly through more than two hours of concert and then rushed back to the airport to fly on to Chicago. Less than five hours on Canadian soil for a fee of more than $50,000. The latest Led Zeppelin tour – their fifth – includes only 20 gigs, but it will gross in excess of a million dollars. It will also substantially help to sell at least two million copies of the band’s new album which will be released within four weeks and is NOT called Led Zeppelin 4. Before over 17,000 fans at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens, the group performed three of the cuts from their new album and they were all well received. But it was the familiar material – the rock classics such as You Shook Me, Communication Breakdown, Dazed and Confused, and the masterpiece Whole Lotta Love – which drew the heftiest applause. Despite the oft-heralded downfall of hard rock, Led Zeppelin is living, loving proof that although James Taylor is doing fine, he has quite a way to go before reaching the superstar success level of Zep or their U.S. counterparts, Grand Funk. Led Zeppelin drew their reportedly largest rock crowd (over 20,000) in Vancouver’s history a week before; they sold out Madison Square Garden in New York and they smashed box office records across the continent, proving yet again that the current scene has no act to come within a country mile of their popularity. This album also include 4 rare bonus live tracks.

Track list:
1. Stairway To Heaven
2. Celebration Day
3. That’s The Way
4. Going To California
5. What Is And What Should Never Be
6. Moby Dick
7. Sunshine Woman-BBC session 1969
8. Train Kept A Rollin-Scotty McCabe Quintet
9. When The Levee Breaks-Brussels 12th of January 1975
10. As Long As I Have You-Medley-San Francisco 24th of April 1969

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