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Lee Aaron – Call Of The Wild [canada]


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Canadian pressing Karen Lynn Greening alias Lee Aaron made a superb second album gave here the nickname Metal Queen. The title track from that album became Aaron's first big hit. It was also around this same time that she started working with guitarist John Albani. After her victory with Metal Queen, money was poured into the re-release of her debut album and into a major tour through parts of both Canada and the United States. Things didn't go as well as expected and by the beginning of 1985, the band was out of money and back home. A shake-up seemed in order; the manager was fired and the band split up. Aaron and Albani stayed together. They went right back to recording, this time working with producer Bob Ezrin. The successful album, Call Of The Wild, was finished and released that same year. As a cap-off, Aaron and Albani finished out the year by touring as opening act for Bon Jovi and other bands. The old saying Don't judge a book by it's cover would not apply on Call Of The Wild. From the awesome picture of Lee on the cover to the last note on the album this package is a beautiful gift to any hard rock fan. Lee and her band have a professionalism that is second to none. With John on lead and Lee's angelic vocals this is a treasure to behold. If you don't have Lee Aaron in your collection of rock you haven't even started one yet. Track listing: 1. Rock Me All Over 2. Running From The Fire 3. Champion 4. Barely Holding On 5. Burning Love 6. Line Of Fire 7. Beat Em Up 8. Paradise 9. Evil Game 10. Danger Zone 11. Hot To Be Rocked

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