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Lefay -S.O.S. lp [splatter]


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Splatter vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 500 copies

Lefay (and Morgana Lefay) had a very unique sound and carved themselves in a private little niche in the metal-scene. S.O.S feels a bit more focused and agressive than their previous releases. It has a more raw feeling to it, but not raw as in unpolished it’s a thought trough rawness. Charles Rytkonen shows exactly why he’s considered by many to be one of the scene’s better singers, he shows he has a strong voice well suited for traditional power/speed metal (the impressing howl in the beginning of The Choice) and just a few songs ahead of The Choice we have Epicedium where he proves he can pull off clear, slow ballad vocals as well. Other than that, the vocals are raw, powerful and Rytkonen expertly conveys the songs different moods. The songs are not standard sword and sorcery-fantasy. There is a depth to most of the songs that is like a breeze on a hot summer day in this genre. Lefay chooses to downplay the epicness in this release and concentrates on other things (mysteries, desperation and helplessness). Although, there are a few songs with a more standard power metal feel to them, for example When Gargoyles Fly and Sleepwalker. Another impressive thing is the cover artwork. As you can see here at the archive, it’s a image of Jesus standing in front of a strange mechanical contraption (with Lefay’s trademark hourglass in it of course) and with some tubes sticking out of him. He is surrounded my some sort of monks in gasmasks and they’re all standing in a desolate landscape. Very cool. I have no idea what it has to do with the album itself, but’s that’s of no consequence.

Track list:
1. Save Our Souls
2. Cimmerian Dream
3. Sleepwalker
4. Epicedium
5. When Gargoyles Fly
6. What Dreams Forebode
7. Bloodred Sky
8. Help Me Out Of Here
9. The Quest For Reality
10. The Choice

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