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Leichenzug –Meisterwerk MC


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German pressed music cassette. Clear cassette without print. Cassette comes with one bonus track

Leichenzug is a German one man pagan metal band from Wilkau-Hasslau. It was founded by Paul M Bile as a solo project alongside his bands Camulos, Halgadom and Frozen Abyss. According to his own statements, Bile began writing the first songs for Leichenzug in 2002. Bile himself says he tries to create “hateful, hard, but melodic music” and lyrics are about anti-religion and of a violence-glorifying type. Some lyrics also have a warlike context, usually set in a fictional pagan past.

Track list:
1. Einklang
2. Sklave Des Kreuzes
3. Die Unheiligen
4. Winterschlacht
5. Asgardsrei-Absurd cover
6. Kaltes Königreich
7. Meisterwerk
8. Seht Das Kreuz
9. Heiliges Trugbild
10. Tag Der Vergeltung
11. Ausklang
12. Die Letzte Schlacht

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