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Leper Colony -S/t cd


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Still sealed digipak. Limited 500 numbered copies

Any time legendary underground musicians get together, chances are you’re in for something special. Well, at least in the metal world anyway. Mark Grewe’s (ex-Morgoth) screechy distinctive growls over riff monster Rogga Johansson’s (Paganizer) guitars and bass is a death metal fans wet fucking dream. Throw in Jon Skäre (Consumption) pounding the skins, and you’ve got yourself a supergroup that’s sure to play some killer old school death metal. Right? You’re god-damn right they are, Leper Colony is a blast from the past in the highest regard and quality. Undeniable death metal tones with chug power, hellacious maniacal screams, and caved chest sized drumming set to turbo kill. From front to back, this is a thrilling riff fest. Chock-full of duelling guitar leads, massive hooks and creative melodies all under the guise of influence by way of the old. Leper Colony visits all the best parts of early Death, Slayer and Asphyx, while bringing a ton of their own personality into the fray as well. Leper Colony is such a joyful blast as it just plain kills.

Track list:
1. The Human Paradox
2. Perditions End
3. The Surgical Undeadvors
4. Tar And Feathers
5. Rapture Addict
6. Leper Colony
7. A Flow So Greatly Macabre
8. Flesh Crawl Demise
9. Gruesome End

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