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Less Than 4 –By Blood By Heart cd


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Less Than 4 is a trio formed by Max Lander from Billion Dollar Babies. They debuted with their first full length album, By Blood By Heart, in 2012 and its an album that rocks all the way with a tasty flavor of the 1980s hard-rock and hairbands. The band members says they are influenced by major acts such as Guns N Roses and Kiss as well as Swedish rockers Hardcore Superstar. By Blood By Heart is brimming with rock’n’roll wails, grab-you melodies, catchy choruses, and flashy guitar solos. Max are handling the guitar work and the vocals while he’s backed by Ludde Tornemalm (drums), and Stefan Westlund (bass and backing vocals). The band are all teenagers and you can hear it as its burning with youthfulness and energy. If you listen to other Swedish glam and hardrock acts such as Backyard Babies, Veins Of Jenna and Hardcore Superstar then check out Less Than 4.

Track list:
1. Fucked Up Kid
2. In It For The Money
3. By Blood By Heart
4. Soft Situations
5. Living Dreams
6. One Week
7. Bad Like A Gun
8. The Way We Are
9. Deadlock
10. Nothing Is Thicker

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