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Lethal -Annihilation Agenda cd


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Opening with some carefully selected samples from the infamous Jonestown death tape, Lethal’s Annihilation Agenda must have one of the most unsettling intros ever recorded – hopefully it will remain that way, too. After such a sinister start, the familiar characteristics of the band’s music almost come as a relief. The guys in Lethal has embraced influences from both German and American bands and utilized them to deliver some face-ripping thrash. The quality (and quantity) of the riffs is more or less top notch, the drumming fuels the music when great energy and the vocals are flawed as hell. The first two vocal tracks Sinister Salvation and Buried Alive are bound to catch attention on their own. Like it often goes, the initial impression does not quite last through the whole album, but there is some consistent quality in this thing. The band’s keen sound is helped by suitably frantic vocals, and it’s only a certain cold edge of the production that causes some reservations in the end. To put it simply, Annihilation Agenda has promise – maybe the result is not quite there yet, but the attempt is worth a notice. Featuring Mikael Markstrom and Nicklas Holmgren from Nasheim

Track listing:
1. March Through The Gate-intro
2. Sinister Salvation
3. Buried Alive
4. Infernal Warfare
5. Blade Of The Reaper
6. Ceremonial Death
7. Pay For Your Sins
8. Lethal Injection
9. Lord Of War
10. Reborn In Blood

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