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Letzte Instanz ‎–Ins Licht cd


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In 2004 Letzte Instanz lost their guitarist, bassist and singer and it was easy to think that it would be the end of the band. However 2 years later the band returned with “Ins Licht” with a new line-up and a new label. The new singer Holly has a warm and pleasant voice and the new album is a collection of melodic songs with a strong leaning on classical music. Its an extroverted sociocultural atmosphere, the mood is somewhat more cheerful, melancholic, more personal and introverted. The music is still a mix of metal, folk and goth metal and anyone who adore this band in the past should buy this album. Even though the heavy losses when it comes to members the album proves that no matter what the band are still able to produce damn good music

Track list:
1. Sonne
2. Unerreicht
3. Ohne Dich
4. Nimm Mich!
5. Krieg Der Herzen
6. Womit Die Welt Begann
7. Sandmann
8. Tanz
9. Das Stimmlein
10. Mein Herz
11. Agonie
12. Traumschwere
13. Silber Im Stein

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Drakkar Records / Sony BMG

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DRAKKAR 089 / 82876766482

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