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Leviathan -Massive Conspiracy Against All Life dlp [splatter]


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Double album on red and white splatter vinyls with gatefold cover and one bonus track

The end is here – kiss your ass goodbye. One of the most anticipated black metal records. Leviathans ‘Massive Conspiracy Against All Life’ is simply the event it’s expected to be. Three years in the making, the album is a violent and vortex-like vision that nightmarishly and inventively transcends mere tags like black metal or even extreme metal itself. Bear witness, and bow out of life with Leviathan.

Track list:
1. Vesture Dipped In The Blood Of Morning
2. Merging With Sword Onto Them
3. Made As The Stale Wine Of Wrath
5. Perverse Calculus
6. Receive The World
7. Vulgar Asceticism
8. Noisome Ash Crown

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