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Leviathan –Unfailing Fall Into Naught lp


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2019 press on black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 300 copies

The first 5 tracks on this album are from the Blind Wound EP from 2006 and the last two are from the split single with Xasthur from 2004. Structurally speaking Blind Wound is one of Wrest’s most intricate and enthralling groupings of songs. Songs like Odious Convulsions and Crushing The Prolapsed Oviducts Of Virture contain strong juxtapositions of more somber and atmospheric passages with more raging and ravenous sections. The material from the Xasthur split has eerie ambiance and more atmosphere. The guitar builds and builds, almost until you can’t imagine it getting any higher and then, like the bleak music that it is, it simply dissolves into a somber, strangely blissful sea of distortion. Wrest completely carries this release. Long, powerful, and atmospheric as hell is the best way to describe each song. Each song speaks a multitude, more than some of his other whole releases.

Track list:
1. Odious Convulsions (They Are Not Worthy Of His Name)
2. The Fourth Blind Wound
3. Another Sip Of Fear
4. Crushing The Prolapsed Oviducts Of Virtue
5. Mesmerism
6. Unfailing Fall Into Naught
7. The Remotest Cipher (Beside The Last Breath Vanished)

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