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Leviticus -Knights Of Heaven cd [original]


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Very rare original first Swedish pressing on Royal Music

Levitcus is the brainchild of Swedish born Bjorn Stigsson. They are one of the earliest Christian metal bands and released a total of four albums. Knights Of Heaven was Leviticus fourth and last album. Just like Setting Fire To The Earth its full of melodic well played hard rock anthems. This is without a doubt their most solid album. Everything was improved about the band, from the production, to the vocals, to the song writing. Much of this is compliments of the Elefante brothers (Guardian, X-Sinner, Petra), who have a knack for writing and producing solid, radio-ready rock. I suppose for those who preferred the band’s earlier attempts at straight forward heavy metal, this album is a bit of a let down. But if you found early albums like I Shall Conquer to be ultra-cheesy and just downright bad then try this. Bjorn Stigsson is an underrated guitarist, as is proven here by some of his outstanding leads. Most of the lead work here isn’t overly flashy, but the man knows how to write a lead that really compliments the songs. Songs like Messiah are complimented nicely by the melodic lead work. Standout cuts are Born Again, Strong Love, Over The Hills, Messiah and Isn’t It Love.

Track listing:
1. Born Again
2. The World Goes Round
3. Isn’t It Love
4. Oh, Lord
5. Feels So Good
6. Strong Love
7. Messiah
8. Over The Hills
9. For Once In My Life
10. Love On Fire

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