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Lifeless ‎–The Occult Mastery cd


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Lifeless are a German death metal band that play classic, old-school death metal of the Swedish type. The band have been around for a while now and this is their third album, so they know a thing or two about the style. This is a really solid collection of songs. They’re well-written and show a band that have an obvious enthusiasm and talent for what they do. There are some nice ideas and touches on the songs, and they’re nicely catchy too. For an album of this particular sub-genre it’s hard to fault The Occult Mastery. There’s a good combination of aggressive speed, crushing groove, fiery solos, and dark melodies. It’s capped off by a vocalist who can growl with the best of them as well. At 37 minutes in length the album lasts just the right amount of time; long enough to get your teeth into it, but not too long that chewing becomes a chore. Solid, satisfying, and extremely enjoyable; The Occult Mastery hits the spot. A recommended listen for all fans of the Swedish style for sure.

Track list:
1. Prelude Kali Yuga
2. The Occult Mastery
3. Progenies Of A Cursed Seed
4. From Chaos Our Order Shall Rise
5. Delusions Of Grandeur
6. Rites Of Desolation
7. Interlude Dystopia
8. Insanity Reigns
9. Throes Of Dawn

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