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Lifelover -Dekadens MC [with patch]


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Black cassette with white text. With patch. Limited 100 copies

This is a manifestation from the infamous Stockholm act Lifelover. Entitled ‘Dekadens’, this MCD takes the band further than ever before. It contains 7 tracks of sick miserable metal/rock. The sound is heavier and more aggressive. This is so much more than just an ordinary MCD; it’s a must for every fan of Lifelover and their notorious works. With this perfect mix of hatred, strangeness and melancholy, Lifelover once again show what they’re made of, and with this release they strengthen their positions as the kings of this so far nameless genre of sick, miserable music.

Track listing:
1. Luguber Framtid
2. Myspys
3. Major Fuck Off
4. Lethargy
5. Androider
6. Visdomsord
7. Destination: Ingenstans

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Inferna Profundus Records

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IPR 054

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