Lifelover -Erotik lp



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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve

Within a year of release from Lifelovers previous album, Pulver; Erotik shows improvement within the sound quality of this release as well as musically – the drums don’t sound as distant as well as a cleaner sound is added to this album as a whole. There are a few slow tracks such as Besatt and Hostdepressioner, which display dark and depressive atmospheres to the album, certainly a recommendation to listen to if you are into bands such as Loss or Joy Division. Sweet Illness of Mine and Museum of Past Affections are the only tracks written in English, these two were the first off the album which caught my attention, mainly because, like most of Lifelover’s material, it is both repetitive but catchy. A solid mixture of grunge, indie rock, and a slight hint of black metal (although some may disagree) can describe what Erotik sounds like – what catches my attention most about this band is their originality in sound as well as the use of mixture throughout their music vocal-wise. Harsh, black metal shrieks and screams can be heard throughout I Love To Hurt You whereas Hostdepressioner contains clean vocals throughout the whole song. Occasional sound clips can be heard throughout just about every song just like the Pulver album (such as laughter, puking, speeches, etc.) although some people would deem this as strange, the more you listen to Erotik, the more addicting this album becomes, as well as adaptive on its strangeness, but in my opinion I find the dark humor and melancholic themes on this album to be amusing. Although this album grows further from black metal roots, it is still a great metal (if not, rock) album to listen to if you are having a bad day and want to sit down and listen to something depressive and mind-altering. Erotik is a mixture of both simplicity and surrealism which is tosses around post-rock sounding influences which will get you hooked after listening to the first couple of tracks. I wouldn’t label this album as black metal, but more as depressive rock at its finest.

Track listing:
1. Forspel Och Intrang/Foreplay And Penetration
2. Sweet Illness Of Mine
3. I Love (To Hurt) You
4. En Man I Sina Samsta Ar/A Man In His Worst Years
5. Dodens Landsvag/The Road Of Death
6. Valkommen Till Pulvercity/Welcome To Powder City
7. Saltvatten (Du Och Jag vs Tellus)/Saltwater (You And Me vs. Tellus)
8. Besatt/Possessed
9. Hostdepressioner/Autumn Depressions
10. Humorets Bottenvaning/The Bottom Floor Of Our Mood
12. Nitlott/Blank Lottery Ticket

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