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Lik -Carnage cd


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Lik’s 2018 album is a stunning sonic assault that takes all the best aspects of Sunlight Studios merged with today’s production values of volume and clarity. Yes Carnage is an utter, utter beast of an album. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, every trope you want and need from such an album is littered throughout with wilful abandon; gravelly, grinding riffs, Chris Barkensjö’s riotous d-beating, dirty, grooving Death Metal, sandpaper vocals and a more than occasional twisted, oppressive melody hammered out of Tomas Åkvik’s savage six-stringery… this is the Swedish Death Metal works. What shines through most of all is the sheer love emanating from the maggoty outpourings that Lik batter into your conscious is that there is a natural joy and enthusiasm prevalent in every second of Carnage. This is a band that love what they do, and don’t just do it well, they do it spectacularly well… There’s little need to look for a deep or nasty, lengthy critical overview here; just take my word for it, if dirty Stockholm riffage is in anyway on your radar, you need to devour this (d)ripping corpse of Swedish Death Metal that could comfortably have been excreted by any of the unholy triumvirate named above as a fitting successor to their respective albums. The most fun you can have without actually getting down with the dead men.

Track list:
1. To Kill
2. Rid You Of Your Flesh
3. Celebration Of The Twisted
4. Dr Duschanka
5. Left To Die
6. Cannibalistic Infancy
7. Death Cult
8. The Deranged
9. Only Death Is Left Alive
10. Embrace The End

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