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Lik -Stockholm Death Metal 7″ [blue]


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Blue vinyl. Limited 300 copies

Swedish Death Metallers Lik are returning with fresh meat on this limited vinyl single entitled Stockholm Death Metal. The A-side features the new track Revel In Gore which was recorded on January 12th, 2019 in LIK‘s rehearsal space, once again with the one and only Lawrence Mackrory (Obey Mastering) behind the wheel. Lawrence is responsible for producing, recording, mixing and mastering the song. The two live tracks on side B (Rid You Of Your Flesh and Embrace The End) were recorded at Copperfields (Stockholm) when LIK premiered songs from the Carnage album; both were also mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory. Revel In Gore features guest vocals by none less than Matti Kärki of Dismember fame! When the idea arose to have a guest vocalist to a future track, there wasn’t too much of a brainstorming going on. We knew who we wanted to fill that position and we’re damn happy that he agreed to do it. Without any introduction needed, we can happily say that Matti Kärki of the great Dismember gave us his one of a kind voice to our song “Revel in Gore”. Being recorded during one day in a cold January in Stockholm, it’s been lurking off the grid for quite a while now. So we’re all super excited to soon reveal this gore to the death metal masses! But why is the 7″ entitled Stockholm Death Metal? It’s because that’s what this song is. Pure Stockholm death metal, punky deathy brutal and groovy, blended with some nice melodies here and there, and also with Matti on vocals. And personaly I think it’s boring when records have the same name as a song on it.

Track list:

1. Revel In Gore
2. Rid You Of Your Flesh-live
3. Embrace The End-live

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