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Limp Bizkit -Greatest Videoz dvd


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As a tie in with their best of collection album Greatest Hitz, Geffen Records have put together a collection of Limp Bizkit’s video’s under the banner of Greatest Videoz, and in all honesty, this is perhaps one of the best examples of major record labels ripping off the fans in an all out attempt to put minimum effort in for maximum gain over the festive season. While the best of package had some faults of it’s own (the three previously unreleased tracks were by far the weakest efforts to emerge from the band to date, and would have been better off left for a retrospective box of curios later on down the track), Greatest Videoz is anything but what the label would have you believe (Which is a collection of all of Limp Bizkit’s promotion video clips to date), but rather a collection of their more well known efforts. Much like the track listing that makes up their album counterpart, Greatest Videoz mirrors the exact same track listing with their well-known video clip hits from 1997’s Three Dollar Bill, Y’All (Counterfeit and their breakthrough cover of George Michael’s Faith), 1999’s Significant Other (‘Nookie’, ‘Break Stuff’ (Featuring guest appearances from Korn’s Jonathan Davis and actor Pauly Shore), the conceptually based ‘Re-Arranged’ and the hip-hop (Method Man) infused ‘N 2 Gether Now’), 2000’s Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water (‘My Generation’, ‘Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)’, ‘My Way’ and the confusingly half animated effort ‘Boiler’) and 2003’s rather disastrous Results May Vary without guitarist Wes Borland (Which provides the best promotional video efforts from the band in ‘Eat You Alive’ and the Halle Berry/‘Gothika’ concept based ‘Behind Blue Eyes’). While Greatest Videoz is an extensive collection of all things visually based on Limp Bizkit, it’s in no way exhaustive, with both ‘Sour’ (From Three Dollar Bill, Y’All, and noted as one of the few videos where Fred Durst’s trademark red cap is nowhere to be seen) and ‘Take A Look Around’ (The theme tune to 2000’s ‘M:I2’ that was lifted from Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water) strangely absent. Another problem with Greatest Videoz is the fact that all the videos presented here are the censored versions, which means that just about every one of the dozen videos contains blurred images replacing t-shirt logo’s and the one finger salute, and cheesy sound effects in place of Durst’s often used profanity. So while Greatest Videoz is the perfect compliment to the Greatest Hitz album, it still comes across as a rather hastily put together package by Geffen Records in order to market a Limp Bizkit product over the holidays. All up, this dvd is nothing more than a missed opportunity to give the fans exactly what they want.

Track listing:
1. Counterfeit
2. Faith
3. Nookie
4. Break Stuff
5. Re-arranged
6. N 2 Gether Now
7. My Generation
8. Rollin (Air Raid Vehicle)
9. My Way
10. Boiler
11. Eat You Alive
12. Behind Blue Eyes

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