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Lipcream ‎–Kill Ugly Pop lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl with poster and insert. Limited 500 copies

Classic maerial from the Japanese hardcore pioneers Lip Cream. These guys were pillars of the Japanese punk scene, delivering some of the most classic, brutal and influential records ever. Their 1986 album Kill Ugly Pop was recorded at the Jam Studio in Shinjuku, Tokyo during 11 days of October 1985. These guys play a more ‘straight-forward’ style of hardcore than the insanity of G.I.S.M., which isn’t to say that they lack any of the power. There’s also plenty of ‘crossover’ or metal influences. They’re fucking brutal and should please any fan of early Japanese hardcore like Outo and Systematic Death.

Track list:
1. Shangri-La
2. Fight In The Street (Teenage Warning)
3. Stop The City
4. Give Us The Truth
5. The Pusher
6. Sunset
7. Kill Ugly Pop
8. No Rules
9. For My Life
10. Fareless Drunker
11. Kill The Hincty
12. Back In The Anger
13. Violence In Red Wing Line No.2
14. Suicidal

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RAT 001

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