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Liquor Sweet -S/t cd


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Every band has its origin story and Liquor Sweets began in Ohio in 1988. Five talented musicians joined forces to create a brand-new sound: drummer Michael D., bassist Christal T. Roxx, singer Dave Zavior, and guitarists Rozz Calibur and Nikko Daniels. Originally a cover band, for Liquor Sweet to reach their goal of landing a deal, they would need to produce original material – so that is exactly what they did. New songs began to flow, along with a more defined sound and image. In January 1989, Liquor Sweet recorded their first five song demo. After returning to the studio to record another session the band decided to relocate to Hollywood where they passed around thousands of flyers on the Sunset Strip and it worked. They sold out their first show in Hollywood at the famous Roxy Theatre, and soon they were playing all the Sunset Strip venues. The band recorded a studio session in Hollywood at the Studio 56 then bass player Christal T Roxx joined C.C Deville from Poison for CC’s new act. With a new bass player the band started to record more songs. This time they toned down on their glam image and the music got heavier. The band went on for some more time but in 1994 the band fell apart. This album is a bit of Hollywood music history as iti collects material from all the bands different sessions and the material here is recorded between 1989 and 1993 in different studios with different producers.

Track list:
1. Tip Of The Top
2. Kandy
3. Laura
4. I Dont Need U
5. We Will Rock
6. Down-N-Dirty
7. Money In The Bank
8. Spin Me Like A Top
9. Kiss Goodbye
10. Take Me Higher
11. More
12. Nothin At All
13. Liquid Park
14. Generation
15. Melody

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