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Little America -Fairgrounds lp


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Original German pressing with printed innersleeve

Little America was a mid-80s quartet that cut a three-song demo financed by Capitol Records, and seemed destined to be signed to the latter label until a disappointing live gig caused the company to lose interest. Instead, they ended up signed to Geffen Records, where they cut their self-titled debut album, released in 1987. It proceeded to sell over 100,000 copies on the strength of the single ‘Walk on Fire’. They toured a lot and were building up a following, but they found it hard to overcome the two-year gap between their first and second albums, or the bad feeling that resulted when the label insisted on bringing in an outside songwriter to augment their work, Magrisi providing most of their originals up to that point. The group broke up after being dropped by the label following the poor showing of their second and last album ‘Fairgrounds’. Their two albums had one top 10 hit each but for fans of melodic rock outfits such as the Eagles and Bryan Adams you will find a lot to love on these two albums. All 4 band members were flawless players and vocalist, and these guys sang beautifully together. They could have been huge, it was all there, great songs, strong hooks a plenty, rich harmonies, and enough variety to keep things interesting. Little American didn’t have a rich keyboard sound, so they were never labelled as a pure AOR outfit, but to give them the Rock label would also be unthinkable, because they were very melodic rock orientated. The catchy Melodic pop rock could be heard in so many of their songs. Their debut was a straight-forward original melodic pop rock album, while this follow-up was a more polished almost AOR kinda affair. Definitely a must for fans of catchy 80s melodic rock

Track listing:
1. Where Were You
2. Do You Feel
3. Save Me
4. Never Be Alone
5. Maryjane
6. Fairgrounds
7. Ill Feel A Whole Lot Better
8. Changing Tune
9. I See Your Face
10. They Cast Shadows
11. Its Not Me

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