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Little Texas ‎–Big Time cd


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Little Texas most successful album was their sophomore disc , Big Time, released in 1993. It produced four hit singles, three of which reached the Top 10, including their only #1 “My Love”. The album’s best track by far is the lead single “What Might Have Been”, which rose to #2 on the country chart and enjoyed some success in the adult contemporary format as well, reaching #16 on that chart. It was followed by the uptempo Texas pride anthem “God Blessed Texas”, which topped out at #4 and is probably their best remembered hit today. The mid-tempo “My Love” seemed like a no-brainer to replicate the success of “What Might Have Been”, but oddly it did not appear on the adult contemporary charts. It is not as good a song as “What Might Have Been”, but that, along with its lack of crossover success did not prevent it from becoming a #1 country hit. “Stop on a Dime” had originally been the B-side of “What Might Have Been”. When released as a single in its own right, it fell short of the Top 10, landing at #14. As the album’s final single, Warner Bros. had perhaps lost interest in promoting it. It’s a lot countrier than much of what was played on the radio in the mid-90s; it reminds me of something that Diamond Rio might have done. “My Town” is the only tracks that doesn’t include one of the band members in its songwriting credits. Written by Michael Stanley, isn’t particularly country but it is catchy and allows the band to showcase its harmonizing capabilities. “Cutoff Jeans”, written by Troy Seals, Brady Seals and Ronnie Samoset is more traditional but equally infectious.

Track list:
1. Forget About Forgetting You
2. What Might Have Been
3. Only Think I’m Sure Of
4. My Love
5. Stop On A Dime
6. God Blessed Texas
7. Love And Learn
8. My Town
9. This Time It’s Real
10. Cutoff Jeans

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