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Live At Wacken 2016: 27 Years 2dvd


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Still sealed double dvd

Once again, fans of heavy metal, hard rock and specifically the greatest metal festival in the world, Germany’s W:O:A Open Air -aka Wacken- can relive the 2016 festival’s most stellar moments thanks to a double dvd which only requires some beer, buddies and perhaps a few pairs of muddy boots to turn your living room into a faithful recreation. You’ll hear music from over 30 of the artists, including Arch Enemy, Bullet for My Valentine, Borknager, Barb Wire Dolls, Triptykon, Saxon, Metal Church, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons and Steel Panther. Once your ear-drums are begging for a breather, you can gorge your eyes on the following footage from many of the same artists, including Axel Rudi Pell, Entombed A.D. Red Fang and Tarja Turunen, plus experience the emotional tribute to legendary Motörhead founder Ian Lemmy Kilmister, Born To Lose, Live To Win.

Track list:
1. Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons -Big Mouth
2. Profaner -Killing On Command
3. Hämatom -Alte Liebe Rostet Nicht
4. Auon -Bjaning Heillar Bjodar
5. Saxon -Battering Ram
6. Saxon -Heavy Metal Thunder
7. Zombies Ate My Girlfriend -Appropriate Hate Crimes
8. Vader -Triumph Of Death
9. Tsjuder -Demonic Supremacy
10. Immolation -Despondent Souls
11. Therapy? -Screamager
12. Michael Monroe -78
13. Orden Ogan -F.E.V.E.R.
14. Orden Ogan -The Things We Believe In
15. The Vintage Caravan -Expand Your Mind
16. Bury Tomorrow -Man On Fire
17. Entombed A.D. -Dead Dawn
18. Equilibrium -Blut Im Auge
19. Equilibrium -Born To Be Epic
20. Die Krupps -Fatherland
21. Axel Rudi Pell -Game Of Sins
22. Axel Rudi Pell -Rock The Nation
23. Ektomorf -Holocaust
24. Girlschool -Take It Like A Band
25. Lemmy -Born To Loose, Live To Win
26. Torfrock -Trunkenhold
27. Torfrock .Presslufthammer B-B-Bernhard
28. Eluveitie -Tegernako
29. Eluveitie -Havoc
30. Bullet For My Valentine -Tears Don’t Fall
31. Bullet For My Valentine -Waking The Demon
32. Tarja -No Bitter End
33. 1349 -Sculptor Of Flesh
34. Red Fang -Prehistoric Dog
35. Unisonic -Unisonic
36. Caliban -Paralysed
37. While She Sleeps -Four Walls
38. Eskimo Callboy -Muffin Purper-Gurk
39. Myrkur -Jeg Er Guden, I Er Tjenerne
40. Borknagar -Colossus
41. Borknagar -Winter Thrice
42. Metal Church -Gods Of Second Chance
43. Therion -Son Of The Sun
44. Therion -Son Of The Slaves Of Time
45. Steel Panther -Asian Hooker
46. Steel Panther -Comminty Property
47. Steak Number Eight -Black Eyed
48. Triptykon -Morbid Tales
49. Buffalo Summer -Money
50. Barb Wire Dolls -Heart Attack
51. Arch Enemy -War Eternal
52. Budderside -Pain
53. Dio Disciples -The Last In Line
54. Dio Disciples -Stargazer

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