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Living Colour –Collideoscope cd [promo]


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Living Colour’s appetite was always voracious. It attacked rock, funk, and jazz textures with a tenacious, blind energy, and opened wide to accommodate lyrically outsized social and political issues. But while the band had an incredible capacity for honing its humongous sound and vision into searing (or grooving) anthems, its lyrical kvetching sometimes seemed self-righteous, and the constant, radical aesthetic shifts could be jarring. And yet, Living Colour’s stagnation after 1993’s Stain was strange. They had always been so hungry, so exploratory — three albums didn’t seem like sufficient nourishment. As it turns out, the quartet wasn’t finished. A round of 2000s reunion gigs has led to CollideOscope, a barbed and literate work that tears anew into Living Colour’s signature sound, but is also flawed by a few of those old shortcomings. Vivid and Time’s Up’s flashes of cynical humor were largely gone by Stain, replaced with a claustrophobic weariness typified even in song titles — Go Away, Mind Your Own Business. CollideOscope further emphasizes that shift. Here, Corey Glover’s lyrics grapple with media, herd mentality, and the loss of faith. But it’s the specter of 9/11 that really casts a pall, since he sees much of the mind control and climate of complacency in the U.S. as ramifications of that tragedy. Vernon Reid accompanies this sociopolitical soul-searching with guitar work that’s serrated, dirty, and consistently amazing. Song Without Sin and especially A ? of When nod again to Bad Brains; the latter’s staccato lyrical fatalism unfolds hardcore style over Reid’s assaulting riff. There’s no doubt CollideOscope is a welcome return for a group that never should have left. But the quartet’s blistered, gray-sky worldview makes listeners forget the flutter of Solace Of You or the sighing soul update Broken Hearts, and the permeating darkness obscures the mixture of hope and anger that makes its music so thrilling.

Track list:
1. Song Without Sin
2. A? Of When
3. Operation Mind Control
4. Flying
5. In Your Name
6. Back In Black-Ac/dc cover
7. Nightmare City
8. Lost Halo
9. Holy Roller
10. Great Expectations
11. Choices Mash Up/ Happy Shopper
12. Pocket Of Tears
13. Sacred Ground
14. Tomorrow Never Knows
15. Nova

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