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Lobotomy Dept ‎–New World Coma mcd


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Did you know that Lasse Pyykkö (Acid Witch, Hooded Menace) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, etc.) share an interest in industrial metal from the late 80s and early 90s (think Godflesh, Ministry, Scorn and Nailbomb)? I didn’t, even though I might have guessed if I’d thought about Rogga’s Terminal Grip endeavours and some of the experimentation in Phlegethon’s releases from the early ’90s, but that shared interest has led them to collaborate in Lobotomy Department. This new project’s debut effort is an EP named New World Coma. It definitely has an old-school industrial metal core, spattered with bits of electronic skittering and vocal samples, but that core is entwined with death metal, thrash, and psychedelia as well. Dismal and dissonant guitar leads float and twist through the music like vaporous apparitions; the distorted, warped vocals sound like the hateful vituperations of a madman; the pacing moves from the highly addictive, jackhammering rush of “Endtimer” to the more mid-paced and ominous stomping, jabbing, and chugging of “Controller Breeder”, followed by the methodical demolition work of “Epitome” and the thrashing lightening ride of “Cold Rising”. Sitting still when listening to this is not an option.

Track list:
1. End Timer
2. Controller Breeder
3. Epitome
4. Cold Rising

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