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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 300 numbered copies

The French true heavy metal outfit Lonewolf’s 2017 album Raised On Metal was mixed and mastered by Powerwolf’s guitarist Charles Greywolf. If it’s one thing Lonewolf know how to do, it’s how to write a classic metal tune. ‘Raised On Metal’ represents the bands ninth studio album, and is a rip roaring, no holds barred collection of catchy and hard hitting metal tracks that quickly become embedded in your brain. The influence of ‘new blood’ can not be under stated either as with guitarist Michael Hellström joining the ranks last year, the band seem to have a renewed focus and vigour, which definitely comes across in the finished product. Despite the ever changing trends and fads of the Metal world, there is something reassuring and comforting in the fact that bands such as Lonewolf have the integrity and balls to stand up and stick vehemently to what they believe in. That can be a double edged sword of course unless you are willing to adapt, and Lonewolf seem to have the perfect balance of ’old and new’ on this album. Lonewolf have produced a real gem with ’Raised On Metal’, pure undiluted classic Euro metal, played at such a frenetic pace and with such passion that it can not fail to win you over. The old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” was never more apt when listening to this album, don’t let it pass you by

Track list:
1. Unleash The Wolf
2. Souls Of Black
3. Through Fire, Ice And Blood
4. Raised On Metal
5. Flight 19
6. Extinction Of The Stars
7. Evil
8. Skinless Smile
9. No God, No Master
10. Dark World Order
11. Swansong
12. Demons Call

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Massacre records

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MAS LP0980

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