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Lordian Winds -Demo 1986 lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 150 copies

Lordian Winds is a project created by Warlord guitarist Willian J. Tsamis. Lordian Winds recorded some demos but it never got released. Some of these demos were re-recorded and reworked and released by Tsamis next band Lordian Guard. Tsamis teamed up with ex-Warlord members Damien King III (Rick Anderson) and Archangel (Dave Watry) in Lordian Winds. William J Tsamis is a great composer and no written word can ever describe the glorious and ethereal piece of art that this man creates. Every single track is absolutely mystifying, filled with uplifting verses, riffs and tempos that are masterfully composed and executed. Every little musical detail wrings out the essence of a medieval and classical take on heavy metal, even though it is clearly not heavy at all. Truly nothing short of an all-out masterpiece that will set you up in an unexplainable heavenly mood. If you like Warlord and Lordian Guard then youll love Lordian Winds

Track list:
1. My Name Is Man
2. Stygian Passage
3. In The Name Of God
4. Dark Civilization

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