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Lords Of Black ‎–Alchemy Of Souls Part I dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

Lords Of Black is a metal band originally formed by the artistic union between two world class Spanish musicians, vocalist Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, Vandenberg) and renowned guitarist Tony Hernando. Their 2020 album, Alchemy Of Souls showcases the band’s fondness for the legendary artists and albums that are the blueprint of the genre, while also highlighting their songwriting that incorporates modernity into the overall sound. Alchemy Of Souls also represents a reunion of sorts as Romero took a hiatus from the band during 2019 to tour with Rainbow. In 2020, Hernando decided to send the music he was working on to Romero and such was the quality of the material that he immediately wanted to be part of it and agreed to come back and front LOB once again. Alchemy Of Souls represents a rejuvenated, inspired, and hungry Lords Of Black, who are ready to ascend to the upper tiers of European melodic metal. Alchemy Of Souls is an album not to be missed if you love bands like Masterplan and Symphony X and also love the legends of genre like Iron Maiden. Alchemy Of Souls somehow manages to best the seemingly unbeatable predecessors it follows and is a new gold standard for melodic metal. An absolute delight for the ears and another classic in the making.

Track list:
1. Dying To Live Again
2. Into The Black
3. Deliverance Lost
4. Sacrifice
5. Brightest Star
6. Closer To Your Fall
7. Shadows Kill Twice
8. Disease In Disguise
9. Tides Of Blood
10. Alchemy Of Souls
11. You Came To Me-piano version

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Frontiers Records / Soulfood Music

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