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Love Sculpture –Forms And Feelings lp


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EMI/Parlophone UK pressing with white and silver Parlophone label

A British blues-rock band of the late 60s that, despite being very good, would normally be relegated to footnote status if it were not for the fact that the lead guitarist of this trio was the soon-to-be-famous Dave Edmunds. Like many similar bands of the times, Love Sculpture was really a showpiece for Edmunds guitar-playing talents. Forms And Feelings essentially replicates the high-voltage attack of Blues Helping and Dave Edmunds does stuff with his guitar on this album that you won’t hear him do anywhere else. In The Land Of The Few is 70’s theater musical. Seagull is sad and beautiful. Nobody’s Talking could have been Black Sabbath. Why drones on in absolute heavy pulsing psychedelia with many layers of guitars and voices. Farandole is fast classical piece of continuous guitar solo. People is acoustic hippie bubble gum. Mars is ominous phase-shifted distortion. Sabre Dance’is 11 minutes of insane fast riffery. Forms And Feelings is refreshing and wild.

Track list:
1. In The Land Of The Few
2. Seagull
3. Nobody’s Talking
4. Why (How-Now)
6. Farandole (From L’Arlesienne)
7. You Can’t Catch Me
8. People People
9. Sabre Dance

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