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Lovemaker -S/t cd


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During the early 1990s, Lovemaker ruled the clubs of New York City. Limelight, CBGBs, Webster Hall, and Continental were all regular stops the way. With an outrageous stage show, they quickly gained notoriety. Colorful backdrops, provocative costumes and glamorous make- were the foundation for rock anthems like Bubblegum Lover and LUV NYC. Nearly all the major record labels of the day including MCA, Columbia, and Warner Bros wanted to embrace the talent, but noone wanted to be responsible for the unpredictable antics that made Lovemaker a fabulous disaster. In October of 1996 Lovemaker crashed and burned amidst the recording of their debut album. Thirty years later, all that remains is this collection of dynamic demos available here for the first time. Complete with a 16 page photo book, this album is a must have for fans of Kiss, Poison and the New York Dolls!

Track list:
1. More
2. Luvchild
3. Homework
4. Movin On
5. Sugar And Spice
6. Turn Me On
7. Nursery Rhyme
8. Bubblegum Lover
9. Goin’ Wild
10. Just Say No
11. One Cool Way
13. Too Damn Young

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