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Luciferian Light Orchestra ‎–S/t cd


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Limited deluxe gold foiled digipak with black coated cd sold during the bands live tour

Luciferian Light Orchestra is a band wrapped in a vintage spirit. The band is performing songs that Christofer Johnsson has written over the years but he thought they were too retro sounding for Therion. Christofer always had a big passion for the 70s music. Luciferian Light Orchestra sounds like a 70s version of Therion, mainly inspired by the 70s occult vibes and themes. The bands debut album was recorded and mixed by Christofer at Adulruna Studio. The seventies atmospheres and the psychedelic rock / doom with a clear occult matrix create a more than fascinating mix.

Track list:
1. Dr. Faust On Capri
2. Church Of Carmel
3. Taste The Blood Of The Altar Wine
4. A Black Mass In Paris
5. Eater Of Souls
6. Venus In Flames
7. Sex With Demons
8. Moloch
9. Dante And Diabaulus
10. Untitled

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Adulruna Records

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ADUL 003