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Lum –L’Feu E La Stria cd


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Still sealed digipak with one bonus track not available on the original cassette

Lum are a brand new black metal project out of Turin. Their debut EP L’Feu E Lla Stria offers a striking mix of atmospheric and raw black metal. It’s as if Ildjarn, instead of working with the melodic riffsmith that was Nidhogg, had instead taken up arms with the frigid barbarism of Veles. The resulting alchemy blends the unadulterated abrasion of nature’s wrath as seen from the perspective of a reflective and melancholy soul. Distant, mournful keyboards worthy of early Skepticism work alongside guitars that reach above their earthy punk roots, as if aspiring to match the simple yet resonant melodic lines that thread through these tracks like daggers to wistful hearts trapped in the unbearable tedium of modernity. These tracks are constructed from the simplest of ideas, but each element is worked through every possible variation along the way. There are also dreamlike keyboards that provide a point of tranquillity, one that opens and closes the EP, bookending L’Feu E La Stria with a sense of pathos, and at least granting the listener a final catharsis despite the Ildjarnesque raw minimalism that runs through Lum’s approach. A fascinating EP of equal parts raw and atmospheric black metal that shows an intimate knowledge of where this style’s appeal lies and exactly how to build elegantly simple but infinitely engaging compositions from these rawest of materials.

Track list:
1. Aj Sun Le Masche
2. Canto Alla Luna
3. Roca Dle Faie
4. La Dansa Fisica
5. La Veja
6. La Stria

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Nigredo Productions

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NP 016