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Lunar Shadow ‎–Far From Light MC


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German pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with white text. Limited 150 copies

Their first EP, Triumphator, was voted demo of the month in Germanys Rock Hard Magainze and two years later they returned with their debut album, Far From Light. This album delivers eight songs of epic, melodic, thoughtful and proudly regressive metal.This is an absolute joy to listen to, any metal fan looking for something that takes a classicist’s approach to the genre with a modern flair should be sure to give Lunar Shadow a listen. There’s a real emotional undercurrent to the band’s music. Epic heavy metal with no shortage of pomp. For Fans of Solstice, Atlantean Kodex, Dark Forest, old Manowar and Slough Feg.

Track list:
1. Hadrian Carrying Stones
2. They That Walk The Night
3. Frozen Goddess
4. Gone Astray
5. The Hour Of Dying
6. The Kraken
7. Cimmeria
8. Earendil

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